Work from Home: 9 Gadgets to Make Your Remote Working Easier

Work from Home: 9 Gadgets to Make Your Remote Working Easier

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Going to a workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak has become a serious issue for many out there. Many companies have asked their people to work from home.

While working from home ensures flexibility and comfort, it might hinder productivity for many reasons. And one of them is the lack of efficient tools to support your “work from home” venture. 

If you think that all you need an Internet-enabled laptop for remote working, you need to think again. Yeah, laptops are great, but they are not suitable for being pounded on for 10 hours straight. You need to invest in other things to make your remote job smooth and efficient. 

Sometimes it is not easy to focus on the work due to the distractions. Sometimes it is your chair that causes a sheer amount of discomfort. Sometimes you have to get up to charge your phone and other devices. 

Here is a rundown of important gadgets for remote workers that can keep you encouraged and focused. 

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Picture this.

The wave of jazz sound enters your room as soon as you pick up an important call from your laptop. Maybe you have to get up to remind your kids that someone is working from home.

The feasible tool to deal with such cases is none other than a noise-canceling headphone. 

They tune out background noise or outside “chaos” so that you can concentrate on work, protecting your workflow from being disturbed.

While you might be looking for comfort and sound quality, choosing a good communication headphone for making calls or video calls is really important. Some want to hear their own voice in the room, instead of the odd sensation of earplugs being available with the most earbud or in-ear headphones. 

Besides, a headphone should be ideal for communication applications like Skype. The last thing to worry about is its battery life. 

2. Comfortable Chair and Desk

Whether you are a web designer or a network pro, you need a good combo of chair and desk to do your job comfortably.

After all, sitting down to work for 8 hours at a stretch is not a joke.

But that doesn’t mean you bring your kitchen table and grandpa’s chair for your work. Not having an ergonomic chair and desk will make you end up with aching wrists, stopped back, tight hamstrings, back pain, and stiff neck. Consequently, it will hurt your productivity. 

Therefore, invest in an ergonomic chair and desk. Make sure to choose the one coming with adjustable settings according to your sitting height. A chair should support the contour of your spine, prompting you to use the one with lumbar support. 

3. Fast Internet

The Internet is the life and blood of your job. Even a slight dip in the speed can affect various tasks, including file sending, calling, and downloading. 

Therefore, you should have an efficient Internet connection in place. But it can’t be denied that our home internet plan is not faster than its industrial counterpart. On top of that, you can consume your data earlier due to video conferencing and constant access to cloud platforms. 

Make sure to upgrade your plan so that it can complement your projects. 

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

It might seem a little odd on this list, but if you have to get up frequently from your desk to the kitchen, you might want to have a coffee mug warmer.

It all requires an outlet and a bit of space over your desk. It is a mug-size device that will keep your coffee hot for hours. Choose the one that comes with an extra-long, quick warm-up time, and a color-coded switch that lets you know when the plate is ready to heat. 

5. Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you are tired of trying to connect to the internet and getting only 2 bars, a Wi-Fi range extender can help you. This device can extend the signals by 3 times.

It lets all wireless gadgets within that coverage space connect to the internet or a similar wireless network. It is a great solution that performs by boosting signals from transmitters so that they can reach to more spaces. This way, a Wi-Fi range extender helps to increase your current Wi-Fi network in the process of traveling to multiple floors and corners. 

6. Webcam and Mic

Sometimes we are required to conduct interviews as well as podcasts. But that can be frustrating with poor quality audio and video. Although the built-in webcam and mic in your laptop can work fine, you need sophisticated gadgets to create video content, voiceovers, or interviews. Enter webcam and mic. 

You don’t need to go for that professional webcam or mic (unless you are handling a crucial video or voiceover project). You can get started with any range of them. 

Luckily, webcam and mic are affordable at many online stores like Amazon. 

7. Lighting

Your home office should be pleasing and welcoming so that you can feel encouraged for work. And this largely depends on the lighting. Poor lighting can impact your energy, hinder moral, cause eye strain and headaches, and eventually dampen your ability to work. 

If your home office lacks natural light, you can choose from artificial lights when considering workspace illumination. You might have ambient lighting that includes recessed and overhead lights, but they are not enough. Domestic ambient lighting is not meant for performing tasks, and it is important to bring in additional lighting. 

Here are some important lighting types for your home office:

  • Keep a small desk lamp handy.
  • Install task lamps.
  • Install decorative and accent lighting to make your home office look more welcoming. 

8. Lap Desks

Working from home means you will spend a lot of time working from a couch or a bed. While it might sound appealing, it can cause a sheer amount of discomfort. If you still like to work this way, why not buy yourself a nice lap desk?

As the name suggests, it can be kept in your lap, and then you can place over your laptop on it. It is generally made of dual bolster cushions and wooden panels, letting you relax and feel comfortable. 

Like a traditional desk, it comes with a tablet holder, pen holder, and cell phone holder so you can have your things in one place. 

9. Mouse

Why do I need a mouse when my laptop has a trackpad?

Well, you are not alone as many laptop owners think like that until they face a problem with the same trackpad. Over time, the trackpads get cramped and cause problems during overwhelming sessions. 

Therefore, there is no harm to having a humble USB mouse in place. Make sure to choose the one that is designed to fit in your hand. It is even better to put your money on a wireless mouse. 

Bottom Line

The success of working from home doesn’t only rely on an Internet-enabled laptop. You need to bring in more things to support your work, whether it’s a chair for comfort or a noise-canceling headphone for a meeting. Each item on this list plays an important role to ensure your comfort and convenience. They help you stay productive and efficient. 

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!  


Helen Wilson is a marketing manager at Savah. She is a keen follower of technology and loves to write about the latest trends and tips from the tech industry.

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