Gadget Blog – Uses of Gadgets in Our Daily Life

In this gadget blog, we’ll come across some of the interesting facts about gadgets and discuss uses of gadgets in our daily life.

Gadget is a small electronic equipment or machine which is developed for various purposes. For example: laptops, smartphones, kindles, i-pads, smartwatches, keyboards, mouse, etc. In simple words, any electronic item which reduces the human effort is known as gadgets.

Our daily life is tremendously evolving around the gadgets. Without gadgets, we can’t imagine our life. Everybody’s life whether it’s personal, professional, or social, is now flowing in digital world of gadgets.

It’s quite complex to survive without gadgets in our life. Today, every task is done by the help of gadgets such as searching job, to make a phone call, transfer of money, meeting our friends online through various social sites, purchasing any item through online, doing online training programs, playing video games, watching movies, and so on. Everything from A to Z is done by gadgets in today’s world.

Different types of gadgets placed on table.
Different types of Gadgets

Technology has become a very essential part of our lives now a days. No one in this world is untouched to technology. Each and every person has some connections to gadgets which evolve around him/her.

Gadgets plays an important role in our daily life. With the help of gadgets, time-consuming activities can be finished in seconds. In older days, people were used to do extreme hard work to do small piece of work.

And in those days, technology was also not in full existence to make people’s work easy. The technology that was available, was very expensive and out of reach of normal person. But now, gadgets are available in a very affordable prices in the market.

Any person whether he is an entrepreneur, businessman, private employee, small-scale industry owner or a normal middle/lower-class person, is now using all categories of gadgets in their lives.

Let’s discuss on the various types of gadgets in below section. But before that, let’s see the referenced video from youtube channel regarding gadgets.

Courtesy: Video referenced from Youtube

Types of gadgets

There are numerous types of gadgets available in market. Some of them are highly expensive and some are in moderate price range. Companies which are developing gadgets are very well aware of need of a common man. Gadgets are available from higher to lower categories in terms of price, size, durability, and need of the customers.

Companies know very well that which type of gadget is suitable for which segment of customers, what is the need of gadget for a particular age group of customers, and so on.

Here we’ll discuss on several types of gadgets which are flying around us.

Computers and Laptops

Now a days, everyone is aware about the computers capabilities. A computer is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations in a very quick speed based on instructions provided by a software or hardware program.

Computer has its own components through which it works in efficient manner. The components are keyboard, mouse, printers, scanners, etc.

In other words these components are also known as computer peripherals. By using computer, we can makes our life very easy by solving complex problems.

Desktop Computer
Desktop Computer

A laptop is also a type of computer which is more compatible in comparison to desktop system. We can easily carry laptop where ever we want to go. The laptop comes in different sizes and designed as per the customer’s requirements. It consists all the necessary peripherals required to operate a computer. It has inbuilt battery for power, hard disk for storing data, mouse area for navigation instead of mouse, CPU, motherboard, CD/DVD drive for playing videos and audios, and other necessary devices.

The most popular screen size in laptop is 15.6 inch display as it is easy to carry and compatible. As the technology is improving day by day, the size of gadgets are transforming to small one. The laptops are available in different configurations exactly like computer desktops.

A Laptop


Another most common used gadget is smartphone. This gadget is widely used all over the world. In older days, phones were only used to make voice calls but now in current generation it is used to do many things.

Smartphones are fully-loaded with latest features such as video calling, messaging, emails, social media, entertainment gallery, multiple apps, tutorials in form of apps, and many more. In fact, it is a mini computer in palm. One can do everything from smartphone which a computer can do. But we can’t carry our laptop or desktop with us, so to full fill this gap, smartphones are invented with latest technology and to make our life easy ans convenient.

We can listen music, watch movies, learn educational materials, find easiest route on map, etc. by using a smartphone.



I-pads and Tablets are widely used for learning and reading purposes. These are the gadgets which are preferred in educational sector. Various educational institutes like to prefer I-pads for their students so that learning will become exciting and not boring. In i-pads/tablets, we and easily download the learning material from online. We can do other activities as well such as internet surfing, watching movies, listening songs, emailing, and so on.


Power Banks

Power banks are portable batteries that are used to charge mobiles phones and other devices. It has both power in and power out options. It can be charged up using a USB charger when power is available, and then used to charge mobile’s battery whenever required. Mainly power banks are used while travelling to far places where power is not available.

Two power banks in silver and black colour.
Power Bank

Smart Watches

A smart watch includes several features such as camera, accelerator, thermometer, barometer, compass, chronograph, calculator, GPS-navigator, speaker, planner and others. Few watches can be used as fitness-trackers and used to monitor the route, heart beats, and steps rate.

These smart watches can easily synchronize with smartphones and function with some features such as picking up the phone calls without touching smartphones. Major companies are manufacturing these smart watches and have jumped in this revolutionary field.

Three smartwatches in black colour.

There are many other gadgets available in the market which are playing essential role in current life of everyone.

Effects of Gadgets in Daily Life

A coin has two faces, like this, gadgets have also their some advantages along with some disadvantages.

Now let’s take a look on serious effects of using gadgets in our daily life. Below are some effects which we encounter in everyday life while using gadgets:

  • Excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to children.
  • A person who uses gadgets can become overweight because of sitting at one place for a long period of time.
  • By using gadgets for a long time, eyesight of a person can become weak and he has to wear sight glasses to protect his eyes.
  • Students who spend lots of time with gadgets and take less interest in physical activities and this affects their physical growth. Then for boosting their physical strength again, they go for various food supplements and hence this tends to extra expenses.
  • Engaging with electronic gadgets regularly can cause severe health problems as wi-fi and electronic radiations are harmful to health.
  • Listening music from headphones and earphones on regular basis can cause hearing loss.
  • Using cellphones while driving can cause serious accidents on road.
Five men are busy in gadget while having snacks in a restaurant..
Engage in gadgets

The effects of excessive use of gadgets can be more understandable by viewing below video referenced from youtube channel. Have a look!

Courtesy: Video referenced from Youtube

Some people say that gadgets are boon to human kind and some say that it is a curse. The important thing is that, in today’s world, no one can live without gadgets but at the same time, we should maintain balance in our natural life and gadget-involved life.

That’s all for the day and we’ll bring some interesting blogs on gadgets in deep in our next season.

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