Digital Camera Types and Their Advantages

Digital Camera is a very important tool nowadays. It is a device that takes a picture(photograph) of something. It uses a film or electronic to capture a photo. A camera that records videos is called a video camera or camcorder.

A silver-coloured digital camera
A Nikon Digital Camera

In older days, or we can say that around 100 years ago when camera was invented, it was huge in size and very complex to operate. Hence, it was used by professionals only. But now in recent days, it is transformed into a small one like a handy gadget. Now it is known as digital camera. It is now small in size, easy to use, compatible and big in memory.

Advantanges of Camera

  1. Instantaneous Satisfaction
  2. Film is Expensive to Buy and Process
  3. Massive Storage Space for Photos
  4. Multiple Functions
  5. Video Camera
  6. Easy to Share
  7. Lighter or Built-in
  8. Easy Editing
  9. More Display Options
  10. Home Printing
  11. Point and Shoot Technology
  12. Quicker Operation

Now let’s take a look on these advantages through video taken from Youtube channel below:

Courtesy: Video referenced from Youtube

Now a days digital camera is playing an important role in the field of media and entertainment. Digital cameras are in heavy demand in the e-commerce sector. To capture high resolution pictures of products from DSLR(Digital single-lens reflex) cameras and post them in e-commerce websites such as amazon, flipkart, ebay, paytm, etc is the most trendy activity to grow business.

Types of Camera

  1. Medium Format Camera Types
  2. Compact Mirrorless Cameras
  3. DSLRs – Digital Single Lens Reflex
  4. Adventure Cameras
  5. Advanced Compact Cameras
  6. Zoom Compact Camera
  7. Compact Cameras

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