Best Gadgets to Help Keep Your Car Cool in Summer

Best Gadgets to Help Keep Your Car Cool in Summer

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A sunny summer day can be adventurous in many ways but not for someone who has to drive for hours in a car. It doesn’t need to be summer for your car’s interior to reach an unbearable level of heat. On an average sunny day, the temperature inside your vehicle will rise a lot more than your expectation. Especially when you are traveling with your family, kids are more vulnerable to these situations. When you are on the move, a fresh breeze can regulate the temperature of the inside of your car. Taking a roadside break for anything will immediately make things uncomfortable.

So what can we do about it? There are some best gadgets available to help you keep your car cool in the summer. These accessories will help you alleviate the situation—however, numerous devices on the online marketplace claim to provide a solution for such problems. We have thoroughly researched and created the best gadgets list to help you keep the inside of your car cool.

1. 12V 6”Car Cooling Fan

Car Cooling Fan image

Even with all the latest cooling technologies in your car, cooling fans are still relevant. Car cooling fans are incredibly useful when it comes to cooling your vehicle. It seems like a personal cooling gadget on the surface, but it is much more than that. It usually takes longer for the air-condition to get going. With 6″ wide and 3.5″ deep, these cooling fans sometimes prove a lifesaver. The best thing about this electric fan is that you can mount it anywhere in the car with adjustable clamps. It covers more area with its 360-degree rotation feature. 

You don’t like the noise of the fan; don’t worry about that. These fans operate quietly without producing any extra noise.  

Why 12V Car cooling fan:

  • Great ventilation option for summers
  • The best personal cooling gadget
  • Low energy consumption
  • Portable & adjustable anywhere in the car 

2. Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Cooling Car Seat Cushion image

Car seat cushions are more responsible for absorbing heat than other parts of the car. Setting on the seat in the long drive increases the body temperature even more. To tackle this issue, modern seat cushion with micro-fiber and mesh fabric is available in the market. With the smart design, the cushion circulates air from your body and car and keeping the temperature optimum. 

You don’t have to worry about your car’s compatibility because these seat cushions can universally fit in all types of vehicles. Simply insert it into the 12V cigarette lighter adapter, and the fan will start managing the temperature by floating the air around your car.

Why cooling car seat cushion:

  • Maintains sustainable temperature throughout the car
  • Regulate your body’s temperature
  • Protect the vehicle from overheating & seat cracking
  • Simple plug-and-play operation via 12V lighter plug

3. The Noggle-Unique Air Vent Extender

Noggle-Unique Air Vent Extender image

Does your car’s air-condition don’t circulate air properly? No problem, the Noggle got you covered. With a smart vent extender, your kids in the back seat will not sweat again. In hot summers, the car’s rare seats don’t receive enough cool breeze due to high temperatures. 

The long air hose extends both cold and hot air to the back seats directly from the dashboard. There are six color variants and three different hose length sizes available. It will take less than a minute to install it, and you are good to go!! Not only is this for summers but all seasons and all family vehicles.

Why ‘The Noggle’:

  • A modern approach to keep back seats cool
  • Easy to install & extend 
  • Suitable both for summer and winter
  • Best for car owners with kids

4. Car Solar Air Circulator Exhaust Fan

Car Solar Air Circulator Exhaust Fan image

Car exhaust works the same way as room exhaust. This rechargeable gadget can be mounted on door glass for evacuating hot air on the inside. The great thing about this fan is its ability to power itself from the solar source. Installation is easy with adhesive strips. In a matter of minutes, the hot air will make disappear, and you are ready to go. It gives another advantage to car owners by making air-condition more affective.

Three powerful fans, rotating with 3500 revolution per second, make it the best option due to its extra performance. Besides solar energy, small batteries can also start it. 

Why car exhaust fan:

  • Lost cost option for car cooling
  • Environmentally sustainable with solar-powered technology
  • Safe to use inside the car
  • Easy to mount

5. Portable Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Portable Thermoelectric Mini Fridge image

Now you might think about how this gadget is related to cooling of the car. Wait; I know you want the answer. To make you feel fresh and provide you with freezing beverages, this mini fridge will help keep your mind and body cool. It is more than enough for a small family with 4-liters capacity. This mini-fridge will keep your food and drink cold for you just in case you need to freshen up. 

The design and construction of these cooling gadgets are eco-friendly with sustainability in mind. Portable in nature, it is easy to carry around. The best part is that with any 12V power source, you can operate it.

Why mini-fridge:

  • Instant food cooling system for your car
  • Consume less energy
  • Easy to move around


Although there are many other easy-to-follow hacks to keep your car cool in the summer. But the gadgets mentioned above will make your life much easier when it comes to hot summers. Much of these are economical in price and beneficial at the same time. All you need to figure out which of the above devices are best suitable for your use case.

Author Bio:

This article is written by H. A. Bosan, working as an Editor at Entertaining Finds.

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