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About Life in Gadget

Life in Gadget is a website that consists of the latest news on gadgets and technology from around the world. Products on which we write include cameras, computers and laptops, mp3 players, smartphones, smartwatches, portable video players, power banks, accessories, and anything else that falls in the category of a gadget. Our editors update Life in Gadget every day to bring you the latest news and information on the latest technology on gadgets.

About the Author

My name is Sanjay Kumar and I’m a full-time blogger on topics like gadget and technology. Currently, I’m writing content on gadgets. I’m earning my livelihood by writing useful blogs on gadgets and their specifications. Writing on a useful topic is my passion and aim.

Sanjay Kumar, blogger and owner of Life in Gadget.
Sanjay Kumar, a full-time blogger.

From Struggler to Blogger

I’ve worked for 8 years in several multinational companies like Planman, Aptara, and MPS in the digital publishing sector but couldn’t able to settle my career. So, in the end, I’ve decided to change the nature of technology on which I was working and start 2nd inning in digital marketing and work as a blogger/digital marketer and post technology blogs on my website “Life in Gadget”. I have completed an Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate Course from the Digital School of India. My aim in life is to become a successful full-stack digital marketer.