8 Tips to Help You Identify Real Gadgets from the Fake One

8 Tips to Help You Identify Real Gadgets from the Fake One

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Are you confused about what to buy because of the ongoing rush of gadgets in the market? If yes, you are not alone. Every company launches a new model of gadgets every year, and people go crazy upon it. While the gadgets are being adored and bought by everyone, some crazy manufacturers have also built not-so-original models of the gadgets to trick customers and increase sales. It means me, you, and everybody else needs to be aware while spending a huge sum of money on any gadget.

Let’s discuss some important tips to help you identify real gadgets from the fake ones:

1. The Packaging Should Be Checked Thoroughly While Unboxing

A packaging can easily spot a fake gadget out, wonder how? Well, every product has an enclosed packaging provided by the company/brand itself. All the genuine gadget packaging will be flawless and without any default. No rubs, scratches, or torn-out papers will be found outside the packages of an original product. Whether it would be the box’s external plastic covering or the papers inside it, the original packaging will have no damage.

As for fake packaging, you might want to know some noticeable issues, right? Here you go:

  • Torn-out plastic
  • Incomplete instructions
  • Without original logo
  • Misplaced interior trays 
  • Incomplete accessories
  • Spread out ink off the logo. 

In short, fake packaging will always have one of the faults mentioned above, and you need to be careful if you’re being scammed.

2. The Gadget Would Have Fake Accessories 

A fake gadget obviously has faux accessories!

You need to pay special attention to some features while you’re using your gadget. While there can be hundreds of indications for fake accessories yet some of the common ones are:

  • Accessory colour different from the gadget
  • Incomplete accessories
  • Different or no logo at all
  • Scratches on accessories
  • Accessories do not have a warranty.

You can’t know if a battery or a charger is fake by merely looking at them; instead, you need to notice unexpected things occurring to your gadgets or their accessories. Have you noticed your charger getting heated up when it is on? In this case, your charger is fake, as original chargers don’t heat up while being used. As for the batteries, avoid buying the batteries having an unclear/different hologram on it.

Before buying a gadget, get a look at its accessories physically (if anyone of your knowing may have purchased it) or visit the internet to look, so you know what original products look like.

3. The Quality Of The Material Used For The Gadgets/Accessories Would Be Poor

If an original product would have proper packaging, similarly, it would also be of good quality with a warranty. The gadget material quality would be top-notch, and it will not be scratched or worn out. You should check your product again and again before buying it. Try pressing or dabbing it to know if the material used is suitable. However, the fake products will not be of good quality, and they may be manufactured with a low-quality glued or cracked plastic. You may notice the mix-up of the material clearly on the appearance. There will not be a finished or glossy outlook on the gadget. All the minor unexpected features may help you identify the real gadgets from the fake ones.

The most common experience people have been shouting out loud in case of fake gadgets, and low-quality manufacturing is the latest Apple Mobile Phones and Air Pods models.

4. The User-Manual Would Be A Crack-Up

Another prominent feature of a fake gadget would be its not-so-original user manual. The user manual is basically the most essential part of the packaging, and you need to focus on how it is made.

An original user manual, if noticed, will always have proper guidelines and instructions not only in English, preferably in 2 to 3 common worldwide languages because of their increased sales all over the world.

Moreover, the user manual would also have simple and straightforward writing without any mess-up of too much writing. The details would be elaborative and yet precise. They may even be split up into small points or bullets not to let the customer get confused. Some more shortcomings of fake user manuals would be:

  • Unclear fonts or font sizes
  • Low-quality printing or smudged ink
  • Low-quality paper used
  • Instructions only in English or in a single language
  • No brand logo or name on the front page
  • Unrecognizable language.

5. If The Gadget Is Cheaper Than Usual, It Should Be Fake

Who doesn’t love a discount on the things they want desperately? Everyone does right! But, if you seem to find an unbelievably huge discount on the latest model, there are considerable chances that it would be fake. All the companies out there launching their models with all these great qualities can never give out their products at such cheap prices.

The online websites selling these items at meager rates are definitely making a fool of you as it is impossible to be discounted on such a large scale.

However, we recommend you notice the gadget’s rate very carefully so that you do not spend on a fake product and regret it later. Please beware of the scam ads or offers by any websites or shops as they will be fake for sure. 

6. The Logos Or Brand Names Won’t Seem Recognizable

A gadget is known for its brand, and there have been several competent and excellent brands in the market now. Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Google, and many famous brands have launched their exquisite models every year. The branding of the companies include:

  • Brand Logos
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Accurate Information
  • Copyrights

These above-listed features must be noticed if you were to identify the real gadgets from the fake ones. The manufacturers in the market try their best to scam the customers with perfection in copying the gadgets; however, they would still miss a thing or two, which helps you lead to a conclusion.   

7. Check All The Relevant Reviews Of The Gadget Before Buying It

When buying a gadget online, you should look at its rating and all the reviews posted on the website. People worldwide buy products and leave a review, which helps others find what is appropriate. If you see any poor comments related to the gadget or the services, do not buy it. If people have complained of the quality or the accessories or any other such thing, do not make a fool of yourself purchasing the gadget. Such reviews and ratings help you make the right decision for yourself.

Some companies may also post fake reviews of their own to misguide you, so beware of the comments with a fake English or the comments that seem way too-much nice.

Positive reviews also help you identify a genuine product, and you may shop from wherever it is convenient and reliable. eBay and Amazon are the best online-marketing sources up till now. 

People worldwide are being scammed, and we know you don’t want to be one of them, so beware and take care of all the tips we told you of.

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Sana Khan is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University specializing in Nuclear & Particle Physics. She’s worked with various multinationals across the US, Europe & Asia in various positions related to technology. After taking a sabbatical she started her own blog called where she provides opinions & reviews on your everyday gadgets.

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