5 Tips to Follow Before Buying a Remanufactured Laptop

You might have heard of the term “Remanufactured Laptops” but do you know what it actually means. A refurbished laptop means troubleshooting and modifying an old laptop and making it just like a new one. Many manufacturers and vendors deal in this field. Now the question arises is it okay to buy a used laptop that is restored?

Well, Yes. Actually, people, these days prefer buying a laptop that is renovated and available at fewer prices with the updated features. Buying a used laptop could be a smart move to save a few bucks. You can get something great for a little less price. 

It’s easy to buy a pre-owned laptop but you need to be sure about its quality before finalizing the deal. Here are 5 points that you need to consider before buying a remanufactured laptop:

1. A Model with the Right Specifications

If you are looking for a laptop and the refurbished one fits your budget, don’t just pick up any. You can start checking the models from last year and select one. Specifications play a vital role so don’t forget to check. Ask the seller some basic questions about screen size, RAM, processor speed, etc. Before anything, just know why you need the laptop. Do you need it for designing or development purposes or just for browsing and accessing basic programs? Graphic designing and web development use more power, hence, the laptop must have high-performance capabilities. But for internet browsing and basic applications, a laptop with standard performance would be okay.

2. Sellers Reputation

Buying renovated laptops makes sense as it could save you a lot of money. It’s not just the price but you’ll get a product that had gone through multiple tests and ensures great performance. But the laptops are used and renovated so you can’t just trust anyone. You should check the reputation of the seller before placing an order so that you can be assured of the product quality and performance. In order to identify a reputed seller, you can check the seller’s certifications and partnerships with brands. If you are not that passionate about the brand new tech laptops, owning a remanufactured makes great sense.

3. A Tempting Deal doesn’t Always Lead to A Good Deal

If you find a deal attractive as the price is low, beware. A deal that looks good doesn’t always come out well. Suppose if you spot a refurbished Lenovo laptop, for $120 or less don’t be too quick to get it. It could be a scam. Read the reviews and find out about the seller before giving your final verdict. Check if the RAM, graphic card, processor, battery, slots, etc in good and working conditions. Don’t wait for a new deal if you find everything in place. 

4. Warranty

Whenever we purchase a product, we check the warranty period. You should inquire about the warranty in case of the reconditioned laptop too whether you buy it from the manufacturer or the store. A guarantee period of six months to a year or two would be good. Read carefully about the terms and conditions for fixing or replacing the defective parts. Also, if the seller asks for any extra charges in the name of insurance or warranty, counter-question about the policy. Don’t fall prey to any bogus schemes. Ask the seller if there’s any product return policy so that you could return it if you don’t find it satisfactory. 

5. Price Comparison

Before making any move, create a list of refurbished laptops of the same model at various manufactures and compare their price. It will ease the scrutinization for you. If the difference in price isn’t too much, verify if the laptop has any additional modifications like enhanced memory or improved usage. Also, make sure that it has all the features that a new laptop of the same model has and includes a new or extended warranty period. Some vendors or manufacturers even offer 50% or more off!

Is it worth it to buy a refurbished laptop?

It’s a very common question asked by consumers. There are many misconceptions around the term refurbished or remanufactured laptops. Let us make it clear, not all the laptops in the refurbished category are old and used. There might be some with default manufacturer errors that are reconditioned or modified in and out. These laptops undergo many tests and procedures to ensure their performance. 

So, whenever you plan to buy a refurbished laptop next time, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned points. It will help you select the best and save on cash.


Using refurbished devices like mobile phones or laptops or computers is in favor of the environment. A lot of significant resources are required to manufacture a new device whereas to renovate the existing one requires less amount of resources. Using an old laptop you are doing your part to keep the environment green. 

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